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Pomsies Plush Interactive Toys

  • $34.99

Love Them & They Love You Back

Cold nose, warm heart! Don’t be fooled by her iced exterior, Snowball will melt your heart. Pomsies are lovable, fashionable, wearable & interactive pom-pom pets you can take anywhere. Each Pomsie has soft, cuddly fur and a tail that wraps around your wrist, hair, clothing and more! 

They’re smart as they are cute & cuddly. Pomsies' eyes light up & they react when you touch and pet them. Up to 50 different reactions! You can even feel it when they purr!  Each Pomsies pet includes a brush to keep their fur soft and pretty.

Playing With Pomsies

Pomsies react when you touch, pet, feed & dance with them. Their eyes change color to show what they’re feeling.The trick to loving Pomsies is to understand what Pomsies like...and how to interact with them.

Pomsies love it when you pet them! Try the back of head, forehead or mouth. You can also gently press their button nose to wake sleeping Pomsies... or hold briefly to start a Freeze Dance. They're also have keen senses and know when you shake or hold them upside down.

A Pomsies' eyes can tell a lot about how they're feeling:

Happy: Happy Pomsies have pretty teal eyes! Pet them on the back of the head and and they purr. Hold the back of their head and mouth at the same time for a surprise…LOL!

Hungry: Yellow eyes mean time to eat. Press the mouth and Pomsies gobble it up. Eyes turn rainbow when they’re full…Burp!

Hiccups: Uh-oh. Eating too fast causes hiccups and green eyes. Don’t worry, nothing a little shaking won’t cure.

Sneezing: Blue eyes mean Pomsies aren’t feeling well. If Pomsies sneeze, press the nose to wipe away sniffles.

Coughing: Sometimes blue eyes mean Pomsies have a cough. If so, hold the mouth to make it better and prevent spreading germs.

Shivering: Sometimes having a cold means, well… Pomsies are cold! If Pomsies shiver, cover the back of the head and snuggle those blue eyes away.

Silly: Pink eyes are a sure sign that Pomsies are feeling silly. Tickle ALL of their touch spots and they’ll bust out laughing.

Super Happy: The more you play, the happier Pomsies become. Rainbow eyes and a special song mean you’re doing a great job and they love you!


  • Pomsies will tell you when they feel tired, cold or hungry with adorable light up eyes, purring and cute sounds…only you can give them what they need!
  • Take it to a new level with a special freeze dance mode you can play with you and your friends!
  • Reacts to touch! light up eyes communicate how they feel!
  • Touch sensors – pet them, hug them, love them. Over 50 cute sounds!
  • Twist and lock tail - a great accessory for your backpack, wrist, hair and more!
  • Batteries included, Ages 3+