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Original Night Vision Glasses

  • $19.95


Sometimes driving can be hard, but it's worse when you're driving at night and you can barely see. Bright lights are blinding you and your vision gets worse. 

You can be blinded by bright stop lights, car lights, fog lights, street lights and other drivers who forget to turn off their high beams!! This is a very dangerous situation which makes driving at night a high risk.


  • WRAP AROUND GLASSES: These unique fit over night vision goggles can be worn over your prescription glasses, allowing you to see clearly at night, and reducing glare from lights.
  • NIGHT VISION LENSES: Seeing in the dark or nighttime is easier with these shades that act as night vision goggles. The tinted yellow lenses reduce glare.
  • UV400 LENSES: These glasses have UV400 lenses for glare reduction and increased clarity, which is perfect for sunny days or driving at night when bright lights can be distracting.
  • These sleek & stylish glasses feature durable materials that are resilient, travel well & can withstand impact from sports, high impact outdoor activities and more!

The special anti-glare lenses reduce eye strain and glare from headlights, streetlights and traffic lights in wet or dark conditions. These fashionable wraparounds can be easily worn over prescription glasses unlike those clumsy clip-on and will yet look chic and stylish or can be worn alone!

The nano-bind crystalline lens increases clarity up to 130% while reducing blinding glare and increasing dark lighting allowing you to see like in daylight.
Increasing your night vision will ensure that you and all your passengers are safe.


    • Frame material: Polycarbonate
    • Lens material: Resin
    • Anti-UV rating: UV400
    • Visible light perspective: 99 (%)


    • 1 x Original Night Vision Glasses