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Stick-On Sandals

  • $12.99

If you love to go for a stroll in the beach or pool to enjoy bare walking but worry because You might step on sharp objects or for dangerous slips, these Stick-on Sandals are what You need.

Attaching to the bottom of Your feet, it not only keep Your soles clean but also provides an extra layer of protection against pebbles, stones, and sharp sections around the pool and beach, all while providing non-slip traction, so You can enjoy care-freely without slipping and hurting yourself.

Keep your feet safe in any condition! Buy Yours now.


  • Heat-Resistance, Waterproof, Cut-proof and Slip-proof.
  • Comfortable to wear, feel like barefoot.
  • Eco-friendly material with hypoallergenic certified adhesive.
  • Protect Yourself and Your kids from dangerous slips.


  • Material: Cotton / Spandex
  • Color: Black / Blue / Pink
  • Size  S: US 1.5 - 3.5  (Length: 21 cm)
  • Size  M: US 4 - 6.5    (Length: 23 cm) 
  • Size  L: US 7 - 9.5     (Length: 25 cm)
  • Size  XL: US 10 - 11  (Length: 27 cm)


  • Clean and wipe feet soles before use.
  • Tear off the stickers and wear them according to the profile of Your feet
  • If the size is too large, can crop the Sandals to the Your size.
  • If there is wounds or allergy in the soles, do not use it.


  • 1 pair x Stick-On Sandals